Architecture, Stands and Exhibitions

We develop customized solutions to suit your needs for Stands and Exhibitions.

Arts, Shows and Decorations

Decorations for large areas, scenery for shows and works for artists.

Inflatable Arches

Standard and Customized Arches.

Promotional Inflatable

High Fidelity Mascots, Packings, and Logos Reproduction , using the latest 3D Modeling technology.

Special Projects

Standard and Customized Arches.


Used for several Purposes : Races, Matches, Exhibitions, Fairs, Decoration ...

Cylinders, Tottens and Top Balls

Cylinders, Tottens and Top Balls are effective visual communication tools conferring high visibilty for your brand and products.

Starlight Balloons

Starlight Balloons are Premium Quality Products that use high grade components and materials conferring an extraordinary finishing and reliability, giving a touch of elegance and refinement to events and actions where they are applied.


High resistance inflatable for sport events.

Helium inflatables

Built to advertise your brand at a great height. Helium inflatables can be installed from 5 to 30 meters from the ground.

Tents and Tunnels

Tents and Tunnels for a wide range of applications: Exhibitions, Fairs, Decoration, Civil Defense... Standard and Custom Models Available.

Industry and Civil Defense

Campaign Tents and Lighting balloons for Industry, Military and Civil Defense applications.

Tooizy - Portable Stands

TOOIZY are inflatable, modular stands that can be customized to each client's image.

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